[ppml] proposed updates to 2006-4

Stephen Sprunk stephen at sprunk.org
Fri Mar 31 13:15:47 EST 2006

Thus spake "Andrew Dul" <andrew.dul at quark.net>
> As I've discussed this policy, a couple of parts of the existing text may
> need to be revised.
> 1. We should reserve a larger block than a /44.  Reserving larger blocks
> at this point can likely only benefit us in the future as networks grow.
> I've proposed updating 2006-4 to a /40 reserved block, but I'm open to
> discussing larger blocks if people think that is needed.

/44 was 1,048,576 subnets; do we have any reason to believe a single 
end-user org will ever need to exceed that?  If so, why do we think 
16,777,216 subnets will be enough?  This change is either unnecessary or 

What it does mean is that ARIN will need to reserve 16 times as much space 
for each org, most of whom will never come close to needing a full /48. 
This goes from minimum 93.8% waste to minimum 99.6% waste.  Is that a good 

Perhaps if networks change significantly in the future we can revise this, 
but I'd much rather stick with /44 (or even just /48) and let the very few 
folks who need more become a LIR.

Looking at it another way, if every AS in the NA region got a reserved /40, 
that would chew up nearly an entire /26, all to number what will most likely 
be 11,000 /48s (and probably 100k /64s).  I know we have a lot of address 
space, but do we need to go out of our way to consume it?

> 2. Some people have raised concerns, that the original proposed text would 
> restrict very large networks to only a single /48.  The updated text 
> allows a organization to be assigned at least 1 /48 per assigned ASN.

Seems reasonable.

> If you have comments on these two changes, I'd certainly appreciate them.
> A copy of the proposed updated text is below.
> Organizations assignment size may be increased by 1 bit (to a maximum of 
> /40) when they demonstrate the active usage of 50% of the assigned /64 
> subnets or are actively using at least 50% of their /48 per ASN 
> assignments.

I can't parse this new wording.


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