[ppml] IP-v6 Needs (RE: a modified proposal 2005-8)

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Good point there, Owen.
We need to appreciate the fact that the world is moving from the 
physical to the
virtual and logical, which aids mobility and ubiquity without necessarily
sacrificing flexibility. This aids the global village concept and any attempt
to tie what is virtual to anything physical defeats the very purpose of the
internet, and makes its administration unnecessarily difficult.

Bernard Malm
IDN, Ghana

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> Not to delve too far into this, but, there are significant differences
> in the addressing you refer to...
> UPS/USPS/FedEX do not deliver to you.  They deliver to your household.
> They deliver to a physical location, regardless of who is present at
> said physical location.  That's what your home address represents.
> IP delivers to a specific host address, regardless of the system which
> posesses that address at the moment or who is currently using that system.
> EMAIL delivers to a specific mailbox, which, usually represents a specific
> user, regardless of which system(s) the mailbox is hosted or read on.
> Trying to make one of these addresses stable in terms of the others is,
> in many cases counter-productive.
> Owen

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Bernard Malm

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