[ppml] real data on PI assignments to end sites?

Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Thu Mar 23 16:14:40 EST 2006

If you look at the ARIN IP allocation stats pages you can see that there was
not a significant increase in IPv4 issuances after the adoption of 2002-3
which brought the bar from /20 to /22.  Similarly, there was not an
appreciable change from /19 to /20.  These graphs are on the ARIN web


--On March 23, 2006 11:18:32 AM -0600 Thomas Narten <narten at us.ibm.com>

> Geoff (or anyone else who can help),
> In trying to better understand the impacts of various PI-for-end-sites
> proposals, it would be helpful to me to understand how many PI
> assignments have been made to end sites in IPv4 today. That is, using
> IPv4 as a guide, is there data to help us understand the implications
> of setting the bar for how "large" an end site should be in order to
> be eligible for a PI assignment?  Is it only in the thousands? Tens of
> thousands?
> Also, are there any trend lines that can help us understand where
> things are heading today?
> Is such data available, or are there ways to estimate this?
> Thomas
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