[ppml] IP-v6 Needs (RE: a modified proposal 2005-8)

Tony Li tli at tropos.com
Fri Mar 17 12:31:55 EST 2006


> 1) We MUST provider users (individuals/government/business) 
> with logical
> stability.  Getting new IP addresses, DNS names, and email addresses
> every time we either change providers or move will simply be
> unacceptable.  Without this logical stability, every communication
> service (voice/email/etc) is unstable, industry-wide initiatives (i.e.
> like power control) are not possible, and even gains the financial
> institutions hope to make with EFT systems become limited 
> (i.e. remember
> the fun of resetting all your automatic billings/payments email
> addresses last time you changed service providers?).  I know 
> this may be
> more an IETF issue but I'm there next week.

Any ideas on how to do this in a scalable fashion?  If I interpret you
literally, you seem to be advocating putting a /128 on each and every
laptop, cell phone, and IP-capable toaster and then carrying all


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