[ppml] IPv6 initial allocation policy

Michael.Dillon at btradianz.com Michael.Dillon at btradianz.com
Tue Mar 14 05:38:09 EST 2006

> this is a political, not an engineering statement.

And this is a policy forum, not an engineering one.

> for us to bet on this, the protocols and engineering also "should
> be clearly identifiable and allow for future aggregation of early
> assignments."  are they?

BGP proxy aggregation
This discussion from NANOG 11 years ago:
leads me to suspect that proxy aggregation is a tried
and tested way of dealing with the future aggregation of
early assignments, as long as ARIN allocates the address
blocks so that they are aggregatable. If ARIN does allocate
these PI blocks from a single identifiable aggregate, then
I suspect that ISPs outside North America will proxy
aggregate these prefixes. Of course, with a little more
effort, ARIN could allow for several regional aggregates 
within North America.

> can we focus on the engineering discussion?

I think you want the IETF mailing list. This is
ARIN's public policy mailing list where engineering
is secondary to policy.

--Michael Dillon

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