[ppml] IPv6 initial allocation policy

Kevin Loch kloch at hotnic.net
Mon Mar 13 16:30:15 EST 2006

Tony Hain wrote:
> Owen,
> One consideration for 2005-1 is what happens when IPv4 space runs out? 

Hopefully we will have a compatible migration path to IPv6 before that

> A related question is what if IPv4 PI space becomes harder to get over time?
> Fundamentally, why should IPv6 PI space have anything to do with IPv4 PI
> space? 

The current version of 2005-1 is focused on transition activity.  To
provide a way for IPv4 networks using PI space today to begin using
IPv6 without fundamentally changing the way the operate.  With that goal 
in mind referencing IPv4 policy makes sense and seems to be
generally supported.  It was alot less controversial than any of the
IPv6 only ideas that were suggested.  It also represents a known metric
that we have alot of operational experience with.

I do think we need an IPv6 only PI policy at some point.  Despite many
attempts so far there is still alot of disagreement on how that should

- Kevin

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