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Scott Leibrand sleibrand at internap.com
Mon Mar 13 11:29:13 EST 2006


Check out the policy proposals on ARIN's website for the upcoming Montreal
meeting.  There's a policy under consideration that would allow anyone who
qualifies for IPv4 provider-independent (PI) space to get IPv6 PI space as

It sounds like you're strongly in favor of such a policy, so I would
recommend reading over it, expressing your opinion of the policy to this
list, and then participating in the Montreal ARIN meeting (either in
person or remotely) to have a part in the process.


On 03/13/06 at 10:07am -0600, Anthony A. Crumb <Crumb_Anthony_A at cat.com> wrote:

> My organization has begun working through the definition of an enterprise
> IPv6 acquisition, allocation, and deployment strategy. I was charged with
> identifying the process required to acquire IPv6 address space from the
> three registrars (ARIN, RIPE, and APNIC) from which we currently have
> carrier independent IPv4 allocations. Our thoughts are, because we have a
> dual carrier connected Internet POP within each of these IPv4 allocations
> we should request provider independent IPv6 space from each of the
> registrars. Imagine my surprise when I found that each registrar has
> adopted a policy that does not allow for the assignment of carrier
> independent IPv6 address space to end customers. This policy runs counter
> to an obligation to our customers, supplier and dealer to provide no less
> than two connection paths into and out of our Internet facing network
> application environments. Not to mention robbing us of the leverage needed
> to be able to shop our very considerable WAN circuit business between
> carriers. Is anyone aware of a coalition of companies that is working
> together to over turn this policy?
> Anthony A. Crumb
> Enterprise IP/DNS Management
> Global IT Solutions, Caterpillar Inc.
> Email: crumbaa at cat.com
> Phone:  309-494-7816
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