[ppml] a modified proposal 2005-8

Lea Roberts lea.roberts at stanford.edu
Sat Mar 11 22:06:17 EST 2006

On Sat, 11 Mar 2006, Randy Bush wrote:

> > Are you suggesting that we should assume a sufficient clue level
> > for all ISP/LIRs?
> if we assume cluelessness, then we should only hand out address
> space to isps who take and pass a written exam.  and we could put
> their grade in a bgp attribute, so we could treat their routes
> accordingly.
> get real.  set the guidelines that should be followed.  read nanog
> to see what happens to low quality isps, customers make the quality
> vs pricing decision pretty well.
> in line with that, basing policy on every usage scenario we can
> imagine in our fantasies is mentally deficient.  it leads right
> back to tlas, nlas, ...
> we should be doing our best to be reality-based.  that's hard
> enough that we don't need more koolaid.

I'll take that as a "Yes!!"		thanks,		/Lea

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