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Thomas Narten narten at us.ibm.com
Thu Mar 9 22:13:19 EST 2006

> Do you know if this document is aimed at an IETF working group, and
> if so, which one, or is it intended for independent RFC Editor
> publication ?

IPv6 WG. It's aimed at the IETF. From the document:

> Abstract
>    RFC 3177 argued that in IPv6, end sites should be assigned /48
>    blocks in most cases. The Regional Internet Registries (RIRs)
>    adopted those recommendations in 2002 and they have been in effect
>    ever since.  This document revisits and updates the IAB/IESG
>    recommendations on the assignment of IPv6 address space to end
>    sites.  The exact choice of how much address space to assign end
>    sites is a policy issue under the purview of the RIRs, subject to
>    IPv6 architectural considerations. This document reviews those
>    architectural considerations and reiterates that changing the /48
>    recommendation is one of policy, and has minimal impact on the IPv6
>    architecture and on IETF Standards.
>    This document obsoletes RFC 3177 and reclassifies it as historic.

The previous version had a lot of text attempting to motivate the need
for moving from /48 to something  smaller (i.e., to conserve address
space). All of that text is now gone, and the real focus of this
document is to update/replace RFC 3177.


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