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Could you pls. elaborate on customers not wanting PI:
1. How many customers
2. By customer: average monthly traffic volume, mumber of links to peers/transit
providers, link sizes
3. Nature of the business
4. Geographical location



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> Yes, I get what you are saying.  The fact being overlooked here is that no matter
> how it boils down, I have customers that do not want PI space.  I understand that
> there are some enterprises that think PI space is their dream answer.  But not
> everyone has the same dream.
> Marla
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> > Another consideration is that a PA /48 need not be accepted globally to be
> > usable for multihoming.  If both your transit providers accept your /48
> > from you and from each other, you can be guaranteed reachability.  (You
> > may not be able to do the kind of traffic engineering you might want,
> > though.)
> > 
> If their upstreams don't accept it, then, no, you aren't guaranteed
> reachability.  You're just slightly less subject to MOST of the things
> that take out PART of one of the providers.
> However, I've discussed this issue with Marla at length, and, it boils down
> to her belief that her customers perceive getting PI space as a complicated
> and expensive process.  I suggested several ways she could work around this
> issue to both her company's and her customers benefit.  She remains
> unconvinced.
> I think the cooperating filter policy suggestion is about the best way to
> handle this.  If two ISPs want to cooperate and open holes in their PA
> blocks with each other, that doesn't mean anyone else has to.  Yes, it
> does mean multihoming for those customers is slightly less reliable than
> for customers using PI space, but, I don't see a big downside to that.
> Owen
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