[ppml] IAB Routing and Addressing workshop

Michael.Dillon at btradianz.com Michael.Dillon at btradianz.com
Tue Jun 20 04:51:38 EDT 2006

The IAB is organizing a Routing and Addressing workshop in the 
Fall of 2006. Since that topic has gotten a lot of airplay on PPML
I am copying the announcement that was made on the NANOG


        The IAB is sponsoring a workshop on "Scalable Routing and
        Addressing Architectures for the Internet" in order to
        foster interchange between the operator, standards,
        vendor, and research communities on this important
        topic. You are being invited to participate in this
        This workshop effort will consist of mailing list
        discussions in advance of, and after a face to face
        meeting.  The technical goals of this effort are outlined
        below.  We believe these are the critical elements to
        fostering a constructive discussion of important routing
        and addressing technical work going forward and are
        soliciting workshop participation to work towards those goals.
        Should you decide to join us in this workshop, you will
        be expected to attend the face to face meeting [0],
        contribute to (and possibly present at) that meeting, as
        well as follow and participate in the mailing list
        The most important objective of the workshop is to foster
        and encourage innovative thinking in an area where there
        has been little fundamental change for the last twelve
        years. As such, the primary goals of the workshop include
        the following two items: 
        (i).    Produce a concise problem statement that will
                serve as the input to future work on this
                topic. This problem statement will include, among
                other things, a list of the problems with the
                current routing and addressing architecture. 
                These include (but are not limited to):
                - The difficulty in changing provider due to
                  PA/CIDR addressing schemes 
                - The lack of effective multi-homing support
                - Limited capability to protect against either
                  the spoofing of individual host IP addresses or
                  entire IP address blocks 
                - The limited ability to secure the routing
                  system itself, and
        (ii).   Produce a prioritized list of requirements, all
                of which must be met by a next generation routing
                and addressing architecture. A sample list might
                include (in no particular order): 
                - Retaining the connectionless datagram model of
                  IP routing
                - Allow users (small and large) to freely switch
                  between providers without substantial service
                - Include survival of higher-layer connections
                  and associations when connectivity to
                  individual providers changes 
                - Allow both users and ISPs to influence path
                  selection according to traffic management and
                  classification requirements
                - Provide better support for mobility and nomadicity
                - Provide architected instrumentation facilities
                - Allow at least one-to-many multicast
                - Prevent source address spoofing
                - Provide a rational economic basis for deployment
                - Secure the routing infrastructure, including
                  the authentication of updates and the
                  unauthorized injection of information into the
                  routing system 
                - Define scalability requirements for a next
                  generation routing system 
                - Have architected transition mechanisms
                  and be incrementally deployable (where possible)
        During the workshop, scribes will be assigned to
        summarize the discussion. Post-workshop, scribes will be
        expected to participate in finalizing the workshop
        report. All participants will be expected to review the
        draft workshop report before publication. 
        The workshop is <date, <logistics.
        Please reply within the next week indicating your
        willingness to participate in this workshop. Please
        indicate whether (and to what extent) you'd be able to
        participate (we'd like an explicit 'no' if you will not
        be able to), and what you feel is your area of
        expertise. If you can not participate, please suggest
        potential alternatives or substitutes. 
 [0]    Attendees will also need to arrange and pay for their own
        travel and accommodations.

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