[ppml] LACNIC IX Report

Member Services memsvcs at arin.net
Wed Jun 7 10:32:23 EDT 2006

Members of the ARIN staff attended the recent LACNIC meeting. We offer
you the following brief report of that meeting.


Member Services
American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)

LACNIC IX - Guatemala City - 22-26 May 2006

LACNIC IX took place in Guatemala City on 22-26 May 2006. There were
about 180 participants from 26 countries. Some of the activities during
the first three days of the meeting included: the LACTLD Member Meeting,
a Tutorial on Network Security, NAPLA 2006, the first Network Security
Event in Latin America and the Caribbean, and FLIP-6 and the IPv6 TF
LAC. Thursday morning was the LACNIC Annual Members Meeting. The Open
Policy Forum was Thursday afternoon and Friday morning.

During the LACNIC Members meeting the Annual Report was unanimously
approved. The LACNIC attorney gave a report on electronic voting; the
LACNIC bylaws would need to be updated to allow electronic voting by
remote participants in the meeting. The members voted to undertake the
work necessary to present draft bylaws prior to the next meeting. A
proposal to lower fees for medium, small and micro categories by 5, 10,
and 15% respectively was approved. Also approved was a proposal to give
a 50% discount to qualifying non-profit organizations.

Nine policy proposals were presented during the LACNIC Open Policy
Forum. The following list indicates if consensus was found to move them
forward to last call. Note that per the LACNIC Policy Development
Process all the proposals that moved forward will be posted to 45 days
of last call for comments.

* The proposal on Resource Recovery (unused resources) was moved forward.

* The proposal on WHOIS Privacy was not moved forward (this would have
allowed ISPs to request that reassignment data not be displayed).

* The proposal to amend the Micro-Allocations to Critical Infrastructure
policy was given as an informational presentation and should come back
to the next meeting. This proposal is to clarify that both
micro-allocations and micro-assignments can be made.

* The proposal regarding the IPv6 HD Ratio (changing from .8 to .94) was
moved forward.

* The proposal called Size of IPv6 Assignments (adding /56 as a default
and basing utilization on /56s) did not move forward at this time (a
revised version was requested for the next meeting).

* The proposal for IPv6 for End Users did not move forward at this time
(a revised version was requested for the next meeting).

* The proposal for basing IPv4 utilization on the HD Ratio was
presented. It was noted that there was no support for this on the list
and therefore evaluation at the meeting was not required.

* The proposal for extending the timeframe for allocations from 3 months
to one year was moved forward.

* And finally, the proposal for 32-Bit ASNs was moved forward.

Lastly, during the Open Policy Forum, Sebastian Bellagamba was reelected
to the ASO AC for three more years and Christian O'Flaherty was
reelected to Chair the Open Policy Forum for another two years.

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