[ppml] 2005-1 status

Kevin Loch kloch at hotnic.net
Tue Jan 31 23:44:01 EST 2006

Stephen Sprunk wrote:
> I think we also need to state somewhere that allocations under this 
> policy should be from a block designated for that purpose, so that ISPs 
> that wish to filter on prefix length know to use /48 as the limit for 
> this part of the IPv6 space.  I don't know if we need to use a different 
> block from microallocations.

I recommend they be kept as separate from other assignments/allocations
including micro-assignments as possible.  Future advances in routing
architecture may allow many more of these being assigned than what is 
imaginable today.  Might as well just put them in a tiny part of a /16
by themselves until you need to use the rest of the /16.   Start
with a /32 reserved for this and populate sparsely like we appear
to do for micro-assignments.

- Kevin

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