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Doug Montgomery dougm at nist.gov
Tue Jan 31 13:56:09 EST 2006

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>> >> Think about it: McDonalds would qualify for a /31 (or so) under this
>> >> proposal, as much or more than most ISPs.  They'd be able to assign a
> > /64 to
>> >> _every hamburger they sell_, not just the stores.  While I'm sure that
> > would
>> >> be entertaining, is this a reasonable policy direction?
> >
> > I thought that IPv6 policy already specifies that addresses
> > are to be used for Internet infrastructure. In that case
> > the only way Macdonalds could assign an address per hamburger
> > would be to embed a network device within the sandwich. I think
> > it is highly unlikely that network devices containing poisonous
> > materials would ever be embedded within edible products.
> >
> > So then, where in 2005-01 does it override the existing
> > policy and allow assigning addresses for uses other than
> > network infrastructure?
> >
> > --Michael Dillon

While I will not argue if we are more or less disposable or networkable than
hamburgers,  I have become aware of plans to assign valid IPv6 addresses to all
US Gov employees, contractors, etc as part of the HSPD-12 process.


"The Federal Government has defined the GUID as a mechanism to enable issuance
and acceptance of physical access credentials beyond federal agency
participation. The GUID is defined as an IPv6 address and is anticipated to
become the standard for credential numbering in federally managed PACS."

While I am not sure that this is a good idea, either from the HSPD-12
perspective or the IPv6 perspective, it is a proposed plan.

If this plan goes forward, I would assume I would want PI space for such a use,
independent of my qualifications for network infrastructure.

Are there ARIN policies, existing or proposed, that would support the allocation
of IPv6 addresses for such uses?


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