[ppml] 2005-1 status

Bill Darte billd at cait.wustl.edu
Fri Jan 27 12:05:11 EST 2006

> tony wrote:
> # It is my very serious and professional opinion that IPv6 is 
> simply not # ready for deployment.  The lack of a workable 
> routing architecture makes # any roll out simply premature 
> and a deterrent to the future deployment # of a real solution.
> while i feel pretty much the same way, this refrain has been 
> sung at ietf meetings and elsewhere since before the IPng 
> decision was first taken.  it is therefore a moot assessment, 
> no matter whether accurate or not.
> so the question is, given that it's not deployable, how shall 
> we deploy it?
> paul

I think this is exactly the right perspective.  Serious early adopters need
to seriously try to deploy this technology and tabulate the concrete and
prioritized list of gotchas that make its pervasive debut DOA.  If it takes
providing PI address blocks to those early interests to early adopt...then
so be it.


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