[ppml] Policy Proposal 2006-1: Residential Customer Privacy

Scott Leibrand sleibrand at internap.com
Thu Jan 26 19:35:33 EST 2006

I would oppose this policy proposal as written.

I would, however, support a policy proposal that states that specific
ZIP+4 or full postal codes are not required, but that a 5-digit ZIP
code or equivalent (3-character?) postal code would suffice.


On 01/26/06 at 6:15pm -0500, Member Services <memsvcs at arin.net> wrote:

> On January 26, 2006, the ARIN Advisory Council concluded its review of
> proposed policy 'Residential Customer Privacy' and agreed to forward
> it as a formal proposal for discussion by the community. This proposal
> is designated Policy Proposal 2006-1: Residential Customer Privacy. The
> policy  proposal text is below and can be found at:
> http://www.arin.net/policy/proposals/2006_1.html
> All persons in the community are encouraged to discuss Policy Proposal
> 2006-1 in the weeks leading to the ARIN Public Policy Meeting in
> Montreal scheduled for April 10-11, 2006. Both the discussion on the
> Public Policy Mailing List and at the public policy meeting will be used
> to determine the community consensus regarding this policy proposal.
> The ARIN Internet Resource Policy Evaluation Process can be found at:
> http://www.arin.net/policy/irpep.html
> ARIN's Policy Proposal Archive can be found at:
> http://www.arin.net/policy/proposals/proposal_archive.html
> Regards,
> Member Services
> American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)
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> Policy Proposal Name: Residential Customer Privacy
> Author: Samuel Weiler
> Proposal type: modify (NRPM sections and
> Policy Term: permanent
> Policy statement:
>       An organization with downstream residential customers may
>       substitute that organization's name for the customer's name,
>       e.g. 'Private customer - XYZ Network', and the customer's entire
>       address may be replaced with 'Private Residence'. Each private
>       downstream residential reassignment must have accurate upstream
>       Abuse and Technical POCs visible on the WHOIS record for that
>       block.
>       NRPM Section 3.2 on Distributed Information Server Use
>       Requirements (from policy proposal 2003-5) is also updated by
>       striking the words "that includes displaying only the city, state,
>       zip code, and country".
> Rationale:
>       This policy allows for a residential customer's entire physical
>       address to be suppressed, not just the street name and number.  It
>       also removes the US-centric phrases "state" and "zip code" from
>       the NRPM, reflecting ARIN's broader service area.
>       In many cases, a postal code or even a city name can identify few
>       enough individuals, particularly considering the set of those
>       likely to have their own IP assignments, that the intent of policy
>       proposal 2003-3 is constructively defeated.
> Timetable for implementation: Immediately upon approval.
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