[ppml] Proposed Change to AC Initial Review Period

Bruce Eastman bruce.eastman at adelphia.com
Wed Jan 25 11:20:54 EST 2006

> Would it make more sense to leave the submission calendar flexible as 
> but require an author to submit a "pre-policy proposal" to the ppml 10

> before submitting the formal proposal in order to solicit positive
> feedback...and of course allow the industry to boo them off the 

I think that one of the advantages in having a fixed
publication schedule is that you can send a heads-up
announcement to the members list and get more members
to join the PPML discussions. This brings more diverse
viewpoints to the discussions rather than the same
old set of people hammering on the same positions.

There is nothing preventing anyone from testing an
idea on PPML before submitting a proposal. I've done
that in the past.

--Michael Dillon


I agree that a policy proposal should be well thought out before
submission. I disagree, however, with the fixed publication schedule.
Not so much because of inconvenience to the author, but due to the fact
that it is easier to follow discussion on one or two policies as they
trickle in, rather than 4 or 5 at a predetermined date. I feel you are
more likely to "lose the plot" as you put it, trying to discuss multiple
polices on a set date verses 1 or 2 whenever they may be posted.  

Bruce Eastman
Senior IP Analyst
Adelphia Cable Communications

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