[ppml] Proposed Change to AC Initial Review Period

Bill Darte billd at cait.wustl.edu
Wed Jan 25 08:34:45 EST 2006

> > The rationale for this change is that at the end of the 
> review period
> > the AC is required to take an action.  In order to do this it must 
> > convene a meeting. The current criteria could put a burden 
> on the AC as 
> > it could prompt the necessity of having very frequent meetings to 
> > perform this duty.  The proposed change would allow the AC 
> to meet no 
> > more than monthly to perform this task. 
> Since the twice yearly ARIN meeting is an integral
> part of the policy process, there is already a
> "policymaking calendar" in place. It seems reasonable
> to extend this concept of a calendar to include the
> AC meetings and perhaps even go so far as to include
> the act of publishing the policy proposals.

Michael, do you think this would constrain authors of policy proposals to
timeframes that are less convenient for them?

> The end result would be that we can plan our year by knowing
> on exactly which day policy proposals will be published on
> the list, and on which day the results of the AC review
> will be published. To supplement this, perhaps a brief
> notice could go out to the members list as a heads up
> that something is being published on PPML (i.e. new
> policy proposal or AC review results).
> --Michael Dillon
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