[ppml] 2005-1 (was: Re: Policy without consensus?)

Howard, W. Lee Lee.Howard at stanleyassociates.com
Tue Jan 24 11:00:38 EST 2006


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> > > Some folks assume that enterprises are willing to swallow a
> > > lack of PI space
> > > and multihoming. Wrong - they are not and will not now or in 
> > > the future.
> > 
> > As an enterprise network manager, I do not expect PI space.  I 
> > do expect the ability to mulithome, and the ability to renumber 
> > should I change providers.  PI space is, at best, a "nice to 
> > have."
>  Lee, the ability to renumber would be there whether you have 
> a dozen hosts or a million.  The requirement is that you can renumber
in a 
> manner that does not compromise your ability to maintain business 
> continuity without significant costs (various kinds)...

Yes, that's a clearer statement of the requirement.  I need to
be able to renumber fast enough that my whole network isn't down.
I can declare a maint window, but I can't manually renumber a few
thousand hosts in that time.  I can hit a few routers and/or DHCP
servers, and several static servers.

> Multihoming gives you connectivity reliability or helps.
> Ease of renumbering or PI space gives you performance 
> liability by ensuring
> that connectivity competition exists for you.
> Assuming multihoming, in the absence of that flexibility, who 
> compensates
> you for the loss?  If BIG guys get that benefit and little guys can
> effectively renumber without duress, it's the middle guy who 
> gets screwed.
> If no one gets PI space, then the little guy is the only one 
> to escape.
> Multihoming and flexibility to choose among providers are a 
> requirements to
> move to v6 for most I think, unless v4 address depletion 
> causes crisis, seems to me.

I agree with everything you say.  The requirement is for me to be
able to change providers.  PI allocations are not the only way to
do that.  


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