[ppml] whither 2005-1 (was: Policy without consensus? )

Paul Vixie paul at vix.com
Mon Jan 23 23:34:56 EST 2006

# I am an IETF oriented folk myself, and I have been down this road before.
# This, my comments re Multicast. We spent way too much time worrying about
# problems of success; as (relative) success is coming, it isn't coming in the
# way that we worried about.
# Just an observation.

one way of interpreting these remarks is "multicast is still not in wide
interdomain use because its creators held it back until they could figure
out a deployable model".

another is "multicast is still not in wide interdomain use today because
its creators never found a deployable model."

i could agree, and simultaneously disagree, with either interpretation.
but i'm wondering-- marshall, what exactly do you mean here?

if one has to choose among types of disasters, we would mostly all prefer
a success disaster to a failure disaster.  but what if we won't WANT a

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