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LOL  sorry.  

As an example, currently the U.S zip code structure is Specific with:
98226-4564  (the last four are the numbers that really narrow down where a person lives)
98226  ( this is not specific and only gets you in a mile radius)

Granted if one of the locations in the ARIN region were to change or add another zip code structure then the breakdown of what is specific and not specific would change or just simply have another version added.  

I believe the point is for us to include a zip code that allows such things as geo research to occur but not for the pin point position of where your "relative" lives that is using ip address xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx (IPv4)

Yes, this is alot of wordsmithing to find a balanced policy...but that is the nature of the work.

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On Jan 19, 2006, at 1:01 PM, Azinger, Marla wrote:

> If you mean what happens "if the zip code structure changes", good  
> point.  This is why the rewording I suggested did not get specific  
> down to the digits.  The term "non specific zip code country  
> dependent" leaves it open for restructuring of zip codes and simply  
> states that that the most non specific form of a zip code is what  
> must be registered.

What does this mean ? My zip code changed from 22024 to 20124 - is  
the nonspecific part of this "2" ?
That's pretty non-specific.


> Regards
> Marla Azinger
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> So, what happens when the ZIP code changes ?
> Marshall
> On Jan 19, 2006, at 11:56 AM, Azinger, Marla wrote:
>> Below is a short discussion on 2003-3 that was not posted to ppml
>> by accident on my part.  I now post this for involvment by anyone
>> else interested:
>> Regards
>> Marla Azinger
>> ****************************************
>> No.  Now you've allowed them to eliminate everything except the ZIP
>> code.
>> First, let me say that I do not think that there is any flaw in the
>> current
>> policy or ARIN's interpretation thereof, except that I would rather
>> preserve
>> the Name as a visible object.
>> However, if we are going to further reduce the usefulness of whois, I
>> would
>> rather constrain that reduction to the smallest amount possible.
>> An acceptable rewording might be:
>> Section <insert number here> of the NRPM is modified to allow
>> residential
>> customer postal codes in Canada to be abbreviated to the first three
>> characters of the Postal Code.  Further, it is clarified that in the
>> US, the 5 digit ZIP code is acceptable for all entries.
>> That is a policy I would not oppose.
>> Owen
>> On Jan 18, 2006, at 2:28 PM, Azinger, Marla wrote:
>>> So would a reasonable rewording of this proposal be the following:
>>>      An organization with downstream residential customers may
>>>      substitute that organization's name for the customer's name,
>>>      e.g. 'Private customer - XYZ Network', and the customer's
>>>      address may be replaced with 'Private Residence', excluding
>>> the zip code.
>>>      Non specific Zip codes must be included and specific building/
>>> structure location zip 	codes are not to be sumbitted.
>>> Specification of specific versus non specific zip code 	is country
>>> dependant. Each private downstream residential reassignment must
>>> have 	accurate upstream Abuse and Technical POCs visible on the
>>> WHOIS record for that
>>>      block.
>>> Marla Azinger
>>> ELI and Frontier
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>>> I absolutely oppose this policy as written.  Excluding the entire
>>> address
>>> removes the possibility of using the small claims court process as a
>>> means of remedy for network abuse, at least in several states within
>>> the united States.  I think that would be an undesirable policy
>>> effect.
>>> Removing the City, State, and Postal code information would also
>>> reduce
>>> the availability of useful data for geographic address distribution
>>> research which has been identified as valuable by several
>>> participants
>>> on the list and at previous policy meetings.
>>> I would be more willing to accept a policy which allowed limitation
>>> of ZIP codes to 5 digit ZIP codes or limitation of Canadian Postal
>>> Codes to the first 3 characters.  These modifications should be
>>> sufficient to address the privacy concerns raised in recent
>>> discussions
>>> on the list.
>>> Owen
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