[ppml] What is this world coming to?

Bill Darte billd at cait.wustl.edu
Thu Jan 19 09:26:52 EST 2006

> >  As
> > such, the simple
> > and correct way to get what you want is to propose a policy which 
> > amends this
> > section of the NRPM to say what you actually want it to say.
> So now there is a correct way to discuss policy problems? 
> Please tell me more. I was labouring under the delusion that 
> the PPML was an open list for discussion of ARIN policies. In 
> other words, a list for anyone to use, regardless of whether 
> or not they meet your tests for correctness.
> --Michael Dillon

The ppml is a legitimate way to discuss policy and advocate for new policy
or policy change.  That advocacy either way may be insufficient to encourage
someone else to propose the changes you support.  The 'most direct' way of
influencing policy is to propose it in the formal way.

If a 'small number' of persons advocate change of current policy on the ppml
without concomitant formal policy proposals, then those voices are
necessarily diminished with no possibility of those changes being adopted.
It takes a formal proposal.

On the other hand, if ppml proposal discussion were sufficiently vocal and
sufficiently focus, then it is possible that the AC itself would author a
proposal reflecting those voices even in the absence of a sponsor.  Often an
AC member presents a formal proposal at a meeting when the author is
unwilling or unable to attend and present for themselves.

There is no conspiracy to deny anyone a voice or to avoid new or changed
policy.  The objective is in fact to hear legitimate and broadbased support
for such and present those perspectives fairly and to adjudge consensus of
participants in the open and transparent policy proposal process.

Bill Darte

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