[ppml] Policy process

Bill Darte billd at cait.wustl.edu
Thu Jan 19 09:11:39 EST 2006

> As you have pointed out in detail, the ARIN AC does not do 
> much more than gauge the consensus of the small group of 
> people who discuss the policy proposals on the list and at 
> the meetings. It is my 
> impression that more discussion takes place at meetings than 
> on the list and since there is a straw poll taken at 
> meetings, they appear to have more weight than the list.
> --Michael Dillon
Appearances are often deceiving.  The straw poll is tangible evidence used
to gauge the support for policy proposals at the policy meeting.  These data
and that of the ppml both before, during and after, the public policy
meeting are given equal weight and in addition the experience of the AC
membership is also applied to the overall deliberations typically for

It is unfortunate that there is not greater involvement in the ARIN policy
process, but it is not because input is shunned or uninvited or
unappreciated.  I can only assume that the inactivity is associated with
constituent disinterest in the policies under discussion or that they feel
that the process through past experience delivers results that are
consistent with their interests.  Evidence does not exist to defeat that
premise in my view.

If you or others have evidence to the contrary, then we hare happy to here

Bill Darte

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