[ppml] PPML Digest, Vol 7, Issue 5

Michael.Dillon at btradianz.com Michael.Dillon at btradianz.com
Wed Jan 18 06:44:34 EST 2006

> - the justification is that postal
> code is not in fact required for delivery of mail although this does
> improve time & eficiency of postal delivery.

Street name and number is also not required for delivery of
mail. When Canada introduced the postal code, many journalists
attempted to send letters addressed like this:

Fred Bloggs
N2L 4H2

And they were all delivered promptly with no discernable delay.
Judging by the USPS description of their ZIP+4(tm) codes, you
should get similar results with:

Sarah Bloggs

> I'd however be against any changes in privacy policies that replace 
> state and country with some kind of "private residence" or alike words.

I agree. There is value in knowing the geographic distribution
of address usage, especially if we want to adopt a geo-topological
addressing scheme for IPv6 at some future date.

--Michael Dillon

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