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Tue Jan 17 15:59:58 EST 2006

I agree with what Bill Van Emburg wrote below, it is quite clear now that 
current policy is such that private residence can only be entered as 
replacement for street name, house number and other unit-related numbers.

If people concerned about privacy want to change things, I'd recommend
submitting proposal to make entering zip-code optional (no matter if it 
goes with private-residence or not) - the justification is that postal
code is not in fact required for delivery of mail although this does
improve time & eficiency of postal delivery.

I'd however be against any changes in privacy policies that replace city, 
state and country with some kind of "private residence" or alike words.

On Tue, 17 Jan 2006, Bill Van Emburg wrote:

> Michael,
> It seems quite clear to me that the statement of interpretation is NOT
> meant to suggest that "Private Residence" should be placed in the zip
> code field.  First of all, as has already been mentioned, you need the
> ZIP+4 to narrow it down to a small area.  Second, that would still not
> make it "street name and number."
> ARIN meant "street name and number," not "any field that might narrow
> things down to street name and number in some cases."  Therefore, the
> policy would be to put "Private Residence" into the field for "street
> name and number," and not "other fields that the subject thinks might
> narrow things down too much."
> I think ARIN has been quite clear here.
> -Bill Van Emburg
> Quadrix Solutions, Inc.
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>> Date: Tue, 17 Jan 2006 14:40:44 +0000
>> From: Michael.Dillon at btradianz.com
>> Subject: Re: [ppml] ARIN's Interpretation of 2003-3
>>> ARIN interprets street address to mean that element of a postal address
>>> that identifies street name and number.
>> It is quite clear then that ISPs should replace
>> the zip code or postal code with the text
>> "Private Residence" since the U.S. zip code
>> and the Canadian postal code both identify the
>> street name and number.
>> Therefore, ISPs should repeat the text
>> "Private Residence" twice in their whois
>> data.
>> Unfortunately, ARIN's policy makers are unaware
>> of how the postal system works and why zip codes
>> and postal codes were introduced into the addressing
>> system in North America. Otherwise they would have
>> simply stated clearly that zip codes and postal codes
>> could be left blank when obscuring the street address.
>> It is a pity that they did not consult an expert
>> in the workings of the postal system, or an expert
>> in finding people. Either one would have informed
>> ARIN that the zip code or postal code identifies
>> the street address to within half a dozen houses.
>> --Michael Dillon
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