[ppml] ARIN's Interpretation of 2003-3

Scott Leibrand sleibrand at internap.com
Tue Jan 17 11:32:06 EST 2006


5-digit ZIP codes do not identify street names or numbers, though 9-digit
ZIP+4 codes often do.  Is there any requirement that ISPs use ZIP+4 codes
instead of 5-digit ZIP codes when dealing with Private Residences?  The
small sample of WHOIS queries I just did show mostly 5-digit ZIP codes.
If ZIP+4 codes are not required, then I don't believe that inclusion of a
(5-digit) ZIP code constitutes disclosure of identifying information that
should be obfuscated.


On 01/17/06 at 2:40pm -0000, Michael.Dillon at btradianz.com wrote:

> >ARIN interprets street address to mean that element of a postal address
> >that identifies street name and number.
> It is quite clear then that ISPs should replace
> the zip code or postal code with the text
> "Private Residence" since the U.S. zip code
> and the Canadian postal code both identify the
> street name and number.
> Therefore, ISPs should repeat the text
> "Private Residence" twice in their whois
> data.
> Unfortunately, ARIN's policy makers are unaware
> of how the postal system works and why zip codes
> and postal codes were introduced into the addressing
> system in North America. Otherwise they would have
> simply stated clearly that zip codes and postal codes
> could be left blank when obscuring the street address.
> It is a pity that they did not consult an expert
> in the workings of the postal system, or an expert
> in finding people. Either one would have informed
> ARIN that the zip code or postal code identifies
> the street address to within half a dozen houses.
> --Michael Dillon
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