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> We may have to change routing paradigms at some point. When 
> we approach that
> scaling limit, it can be considered and examined. We are busy 
> worrying about
> being able to route the entire IPv6 space. The funny thing 
> is, unless there
> is a reasonable allocation policy, IPv6 will end up on the 
> dust heap of history.

I see my role in policy development as avoiding disaster, not
protecting legacies.

> Some folks assume that enterprises are willing to swallow a 
> lack of PI space
> and multihoming. Wrong - they are not and will not now or in 
> the future.

As an enterprise network manager, I do not expect PI space.  I 
do expect the ability to mulithome, and the ability to renumber 
should I change providers.  PI space is, at best, a "nice to 

> They buy carrier services - and they will not buy IPv6 
> services without PI space and true multihoming.

I need reliable connectivity.  To me, that means multihoming.
PI space would be one way to ease transitions in multihoming,
but good design and tools from major vendors would be enough.


> - Daniel Golding

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