[ppml] Fw: IRS goes IPv6!

Tony Hain alh-ietf at tndh.net
Wed Feb 22 16:35:51 EST 2006

You effectively said they would not be considered 'service providers' when
applying for IPv6 space because they do not currently operate using the
'internet' protocol (implies IPv4). They are clearly providing a service
that interconnects multiple customers, so their crime of historically using
a different protocol appears to be excluding them from the club with access
to address space for the new protocol.

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> >>> I would hope that no one questioned whether SITA, Arinc, and Inmarsat
> >>> were "service providers"!
> >>
> >> definitely not, along with the us post, ups, and consolidated
> freightways
> >>
> >> just in case you missed it, the "i" in "arin" stands for "internet"
> >
> > Precluding organizations from entering a different business than they
> > traditionally operate is consider restraint of trade...
> then you should not preclude them, tony.  that would be bad of you.
> even worse than accusing others of saying what they did not.
> blechhh

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