[ppml] Fw: IRS goes IPv6!

Martin Hannigan hannigan at renesys.com
Mon Feb 20 22:54:41 EST 2006

At 08:21 PM 2/20/2006, Christopher Morrow wrote:

>Folks like DISA might have use for a /32 on a network NOT CONNECTED to
>the Internet of course, which brings up another discussion entirely :)
>Though, DISA is the DoD's "official NSP" as I recall...

DISA is a very large service provider based on advertised

I also see the Interior Service as one of the fastest growing
providers, although I'm guessing it's the age old bjork-ness at the
Park Service.

Classifying by status doesn't seem to make a lot of sense based on
the data I'm looking at. Not because it's provider centric, but because
you don't have to be a provider, per se, to make the "top $" list.


1. Our databases.

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