[ppml] Fw: IRS goes IPv6!

Christopher Morrow christopher.morrow at gmail.com
Mon Feb 20 20:21:31 EST 2006

On 2/20/06, william(at)elan.net <william at elan.net> wrote:
> On Mon, 20 Feb 2006, Daniel Golding wrote:
> >
> > This is almost like obscenity - "I know it when I see it". ARIN needs to
> > come up with a real definition for a service provider, or at least have some
> > clear examples for their folks to use as a guideline.
> >
> > Google?
> > Yahoo?
> > DISA?
> > SITA?
> > Walmart?
> > IBM?
> > EDS?
> Maybe it would be easier of ARIN allows any organization that has network
> that extends to multiple sites (the network end-points maybe customers
> but can also be offices in corporate net) to become an LIR. That is what
> RIPE does if I'm not mistaken...

what's interesting is that USPS (for instance) has disparate points of
presense, not always with 'internal' connnectivity. So, even with a
/32 they have to either:
1) use PA space inn some locations
2) setup a full back-side/internal network and route accordingly
3) convince everyone to leak /48's around

All other examples above fall into the same set of problems :(
Google's datacenters around the world MIGHT NOT have 'internal'
network connectivity, yahoo, eds, blah all have the same problem. This
leads us to a discussion about PI space again :(

Folks like DISA might have use for a /32 on a network NOT CONNECTED to
the Internet of course, which brings up another discussion entirely :)
Though, DISA is the DoD's "official NSP" as I recall...

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