[ppml] Fw: IRS goes IPv6!

Stephen Sprunk stephen at sprunk.org
Mon Feb 20 14:43:15 EST 2006

Thus spake "Robert E.Seastrom" <rs at seastrom.com>
> "Stephen Sprunk" <stephen at sprunk.org> writes:
>> Absent a comment from the author, a reasonable reading of the text
>> gives the original intent not as "some small closed group of people
>> know the org is an ISP" but rather "is known to the public as an ISP".
>> IRS-IT fails the latter.
> Careful there, you're dangerously close to disenfranchising
> organizations such as SITA and DISA by advocating that requirement.

Okay, perhaps "to the public" would be going a little too far, but SITA is 
known as an carrier in the telecom world (though I didn't realize they're an 
ISP too -- or is that Equant?), as is DISA.  DISA is certainly well-known to 
ARIN and IANA, having received several /8s dating back to 1993, and 
similarly SITA has one from 1995.

Undoubtedly both could qualify under the "200 other organizations" clause in 
any case, though, so it doesn't matter if they're "known".  Clearly, both 
fit well as LIRs, probably better than as end-sites (which are the current 


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