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Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Tue Feb 14 22:31:03 EST 2006

While I still prefer the wording in 2005-1, I can also accept this
as a viable alternative.  I think 1024 is, however, the largest
viable threshold.  Any larger number of unique IPs required seems
arbitrary and capricious to me.


--On February 14, 2006 11:51:11 AM -0500 Glenn Wiltse <iggy at merit.edu>

> Here is my own take on what I think would make more suitable
> policy that is simmilar to what 2005-1 is/was trying to acomplish.
> Note, there are no referances to IPv4 policy, there term 'end site'
> is not used (since it's not really applicable as it is currently defined),
> and it allows for multi site end-user orginizations a chance to have
> assignments that can all be aggregated into one routing assignment, etc...
> It's probably not perfect, but in my opinion it is better then what
> was currently proposed in 2005-1. (but then I'm admitadly biased)
> Glenn Wiltse...
> My alternate proposal/wording follows.
> -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
> 6.5.8. Direct ARIN assignments to end-user organizations
> To qualify for a direct ARIN assignment, a organization must:
>     a) not be an IPv6 LIR/ISP; and
>     b) have a need for at least 1024 unique address if they are
> miltihomed,        or 2048 if not multi homed.
> initial assignment size to end-user organizations.
>     a) If a qualifying organization has no plans to have more then one
>        physical site, they shall be given a single /48. This will be
>        referred to as a single site end-user organization.
>     b) Qualifying organizations with plans for more then one physical
>        site, shall be assigned a minimum /44 address block. The standard
>        size initial assignment shall be three times the number of sites
>        they currently have, if they desire more then that, they must
>        provide details about their plans to obtain even larger number of
>        new sites.
>  Subsequent Assignments.
>     a) Requests for additional ARIN assigned space to a multi site
> end-user        organization must be accompanied by evidence that their
> internal        use of /48s per site has exceeded the standard IPv6 HD
> ratio        requirements. Upon such a documented request the multi site
> end-user        organization will immediately be eligible to obtain an
> additional        assignment that results in doubling of the address
> space assigned        to it. Where possible the assignment will from an
> adjacent address        block, meaning that it's existing assignment is
> extended by one bit        to the left.
>     b) Requests for additional ARIN assigned space to single site end-user
>        organizations will be required to give back their initial /48 and
>        will then be eligible for a initial assignment as a multi site
>        end-user organization. They will be given 1 year to return the
>        original /48.
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