[ppml] Version think... was: alternative to 2005-1

Glenn Wiltse iggy at merit.edu
Tue Feb 14 11:51:11 EST 2006

Here is my own take on what I think would make more suitable
policy that is simmilar to what 2005-1 is/was trying to acomplish.

Note, there are no referances to IPv4 policy, there term 'end site'
is not used (since it's not really applicable as it is currently defined),
and it allows for multi site end-user orginizations a chance to have
assignments that can all be aggregated into one routing assignment, etc...

It's probably not perfect, but in my opinion it is better then what
was currently proposed in 2005-1. (but then I'm admitadly biased)

Glenn Wiltse...

My alternate proposal/wording follows.


6.5.8. Direct ARIN assignments to end-user organizations To qualify for a direct ARIN assignment, a organization must:

    a) not be an IPv6 LIR/ISP; and
    b) have a need for at least 1024 unique address if they are miltihomed,
       or 2048 if not multi homed. initial assignment size to end-user organizations.

    a) If a qualifying organization has no plans to have more then one
       physical site, they shall be given a single /48. This will be
       referred to as a single site end-user organization.

    b) Qualifying organizations with plans for more then one physical
       site, shall be assigned a minimum /44 address block. The standard
       size initial assignment shall be three times the number of sites
       they currently have, if they desire more then that, they must
       provide details about their plans to obtain even larger number of
       new sites.  Subsequent Assignments.

    a) Requests for additional ARIN assigned space to a multi site end-user
       organization must be accompanied by evidence that their internal
       use of /48s per site has exceeded the standard IPv6 HD ratio
       requirements. Upon such a documented request the multi site end-user
       organization will immediately be eligible to obtain an additional
       assignment that results in doubling of the address space assigned
       to it. Where possible the assignment will from an adjacent address
       block, meaning that it's existing assignment is extended by one bit
       to the left.

    b) Requests for additional ARIN assigned space to single site end-user
       organizations will be required to give back their initial /48 and
       will then be eligible for a initial assignment as a multi site
       end-user organization. They will be given 1 year to return the
       original /48.

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