[ppml] Version think... was: alternative to 2005-1

Michael.Dillon at btradianz.com Michael.Dillon at btradianz.com
Tue Feb 14 06:07:29 EST 2006

> I don't know whether there is current work underway to provide
> PI assignments in those regions, but as far as I can tell they 
> do not assign IPv6 space to end users.

Looking through the RIPE allocation list I notice
some LIRs with no IPv4 allocations that have received
an IPv6 allocation. 

Austria Computer Sciences Corporation AG
EUROCONTROL, the European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation
CERN (European Centre for Nuclear Research)
University of Belgrade
MGI METRO Group Information Technology GmbH
Goethe University, Frankfurt
Westphalian William's University
FMV Sweden (defence equipment supply agency)

Of most interest is MGI because they are a subsidiary
of a company that owns several retail chains, mostly
in Germany but also Poland, Romania, Russia and Turkey.
Clearly, a non-ISP company has created a subsidiary to
handle their ISP and other IT needs. 

One could argue that any company which uses a single
/48 to service multiple multihomed locations, must operate 
a network of some sort to do so and therefore they should
be able to qualify as an ISP/LIR.

--Michael Dillon

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