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On Mon, Feb 13, 2006 at 10:08:32AM -0800, David Williamson wrote:


> Here's something I havem't seen in this thread yet: what are the other RIR's
> doing with PI space?  Do they have policy regarding alloctions?  Has there
> been a rush for it?  Or are the other RIRs in the same boat as ARIN, and other
> regions are just more inclined towards dealing with PA space?  (I admit to
> a highly US-centric view of how things are run.)

There is no general case IPv6 PI policy in RIPE. There are two
exceptions to the general case.

Root Nameservers are assigned a block of IPv6 address space for 
purposes of root server operations. The assignment is equal in 
size to the minimum allocation to Local Internet Registries
(LIRs) valid at the time of the root server assignment. The 
policy document is available at:


Also, Internet Exchange Points can receive either a /64 or a /48 for
their networks. The policy document is available at:


We've made 55 assignments to IXPs, four of which were made in 2005.

There is an active proposal to allow assignments to TLD nameserver
operators. You can find details of the proposal on our web site at:


If you would like to make a policy proposal in RIPE it is easy to do
so. The policy development process in RIPE is described on our web site



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