[ppml] Comments on revised 2005-1 proposal of 2006-02-03

Daniel Golding dgolding at burtongroup.com
Thu Feb 9 09:00:17 EST 2006

On 2/9/06 8:28 AM, "Glenn Wiltse" <iggy at merit.edu> wrote:

>     In general, I like the direction Thomas is  heading in... (giving
> PI to the largest sites and trying not to give out small blocks simply
> because someone says they need multi homing, etc...)
> I would change refferances to 'end site', in favor of the term 'end
> orginization' (which would imply these cant' be re-assigned to other
> orginizations, but little else implyed in the meaning)
>    In my mind, the only real sticky point is in deciding what exactly
> defines a originization as being 'large' enough to get a PI assignment.
> I do think that a /40 is about the smallest sized block that I would like
> to see given out as IPv6 PI space at this time. Just how you define who is
> large enough to justify such a assignment I do not know.
>   I personaly would rather see unique street addresses be considered
> as justification for space, more so then number of employees... but
> perhaps either or... or some combination of both, etc...
>    Anyway, I do really think Thomas is on the right track with his
> most recent comments and/or proposal.
> Glenn Wiltse

This is a dead end. The last 2005-1 was defeated at the last ARIN meeting
specifically because of the 100k host requirement.

- Daniel Golding

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