[ppml] 2005-1 status

Martin Hannigan hannigan at renesys.com
Thu Feb 2 02:17:20 EST 2006

>I know a home user doesn't need PI space: an IPv6 prefix from each of his
>ISPs (or his and his neighbors) would suffice.  But does a small business
>with a single location need PI space to multihome?  What about about a
>larger business with a hundred employees and a branch office or two?

I'm convinced that home users will be multi-homed off each other
in the near future and will need PI space to accomplish it across
multiple providers or others willing to sublet bandwidth to others
during outages. I think schemes like this are going to scale internet
bandwidth factors beyond the existing only because we're just
beginning to innovate ways to utlize all the dead air. P2P on iPods
for music/video purchase and forwarding of payments at a public AP

We may not immediately need PI for home users, but let's not stifle
innovation. I have always felt that ALL space should be PI since it
promotes independence and competition. The realities of engineering
have altered that. We really don't need to give in. There will be
money in resolving the routing table bloat problem that could occur
down the road (agreeing with Owen's earlier comments).

Getting back to reality, I think PI space does nothing but allow
for independence and promote competition. I am all for PI every
where when we can figure out how to route it all. In the meantime,
it looks like I'm supporting 2005-1 the way it's going.


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