[ppml] IPv6 address as a Globally Unique ID?

Martin Hannigan hannigan at renesys.com
Wed Feb 1 13:49:10 EST 2006

>Thanks for pointing this out. Seems pretty broken at first glance. I'm
>following up with folk on the IETF side to see what can/should be done
>to followup.
>Michael.Dillon at btradianz.com writes:
>  > > http://www.smart.gov/iab/documents/PACS.pdf

I think a clarification should requested first. That clarification
should ask whether the cards are intended to interface with the
network, or not. If they are, they are technically devices and if someone
decides to utilize them as unique identifierfor a secondary purpose, I'm
not sure that it's a problem. For example, Cisco VMPS utilizes the
username+mac-addr to authorize a login against a matrix of security

This is not a unique idea.


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