[ppml] question on 2006-2 v6 internal microallocation

Michael.Dillon at btradianz.com Michael.Dillon at btradianz.com
Wed Aug 30 06:00:27 EDT 2006

> Personally I think if you can't just say "Global Internet Routing Table" 

> and have a complete and air-tight understanding of what is being 
> referenced, we've got bigger problems. :)

It's called "ambiguous language". A routing table is normally
something that you find inside routing software. But the 
Global Internet Routing Table is not inside routing software.
Therefore the term is ambiguous.

Of course the insiders and elite of the industry have
no problem understanding what is what, however, ARIN was
created for the express purpose of taking address policymaking
out of the hands of the elite insiders and into the hands
of the public (at least those concerned about addresses).

For the purposes of open policymaking and to achieve ARIN's
purposes in education, it is important to have clear definitions
and not simply rely on what everybody thinks that everybody else

--Michael Dillon

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