[ppml] question on 2006-2 v6 internal microallocation

Martin Hannigan hannigan at renesys.com
Tue Aug 29 18:27:44 EDT 2006

At 06:19 PM 8/29/2006, Richard A Steenbergen wrote:
>On Tue, Aug 29, 2006 at 06:10:13PM -0400, Martin Hannigan wrote:
> > At 12:05 PM 8/29/2006, Kevin Loch wrote:
> > >Martin Hannigan wrote:
> > > > Here are the members, for the most part, of the DFZ
> > > > (as compiled today):
> > >
> > >I always interpreted DFZ as "default free", not "transit free".
> > >Is this usage common?
> >
> > transit-free.
>Default-free means quite simply, you don't have a default route, aka you
>carry a complete view of the global Internet routing table to make your
>routing decisions. Really it has nothing to do with being transit-free,
>nor does being transit-free have anything to do with whether a route is
>announced in the global table. At any rate, FYI in the previous list
>Teleglobe is not transit-free (which, btw is not the same thing as
>SETTLEMENT free :P), they receive a full transit feed from 1239 as
>verifiable through their looking glass. If you really care, you can start
>by looking at the Wikipedia article on "Tier 1 network" (which *gasp* is
>actually correct at the moment :P) for a verified list of settlement and
>transit free networks (aka Tier 1's :P), but again, this has nothing to do
>with anything.

Let's be clear on a few things. Yes, I don't disagree on DFZ. There's
a bit if dyslexia in there. The second is that we aren't claiming anyone
is settlement free, but as you can imagine from a our ranking, going
from 1 to Nth is settlement free.

They are publicly available here:


>Personally I think if you can't just say "Global Internet Routing Table"
>and have a complete and air-tight understanding of what is being
>referenced, we've got bigger problems. :)

I agree. Posting for the sake of posting is one of them. :)

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