[ppml] question on 2006-2 v6 internal microallocation

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> The Global Routing Table refers to the set of all 
> prefixes (address blocks) announced in the default-free
> zone of the public Internet via BGP4. Theoretically,
> the routing table in a peering router of any member
> of the default-free zone will consist of the "Global
> Routing Table" plus the more detailed local routes which
> are only found in that member's network.
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Pretty good.
What's the "default-free zone"?
Is it the case that the Global Routing Table as defined above
is the same for all members of this zone?  

Connecting the dots, is it possible that some members of the
default-free zone will have and share certain prefixes among

> If anyone can say it better or more accurately, please
> contribute.

I can't.  But I like finer points.


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