[ppml] ARIN requiring corporate paperwork for an orgid?

Kevin Loch kloch at hotnic.net
Fri Aug 11 23:42:48 EDT 2006

They've been doing that for at least three years if you
try to create an org ID with the Org template.  Since
Org ID isn't a required field on the SWIP templates you
can probably have one created as a side effect of the
SWIP processing without the hassle. In that case they might
assume that you have done the verification already.

I could understand doing this kind of due dilligence on
transfer requests but it does seem excessive for simple

Hovever that doesn't bother me as much as the prohibition against P.O.
Boxes. What is the rationale behind that? Why is it necessary to have
the street address of sensitive facilities (frequently datacenters or
even private residences) be published?

- Kevin

Richard A Steenbergen wrote:

> So I'll admit its been a while since I've had to do paperwork as a "new 
> user" of ARIN, but recently I helped somone submit an OrgID registration 
> so that they could more easily manage a couple of SWIPs, and got back:
>>Please provide either:
>>  - a URL to a state or province database showing the
>>    specified organization name is a registered business.
>>  OR
>>  - a fax to ARIN with a copy of your Articles of Incorporation, a copy
>>    of your state charter, or your business license. Please note
>>    ARIN may ask you for additional information including (but not limited
>>    to) a copy of your business license, your federal or state tax ID,
>>    Dun & Bradstreet information, etc.
> At what point did ARIN start requiring you to submit documentation on your 
> corporate status to get an OrgID? We're not even talking about entering 
> into a direct relationship with ARIN (e.g. obtaining an ASN or direct IP 
> space), an OrgID is just a record in the whois DB that makes managing 
> resources and contact information easier. In this case, it is to receive a 
> Was there a policy change regarding this that I missed? The closest thing 
> I see on the website is http://www.arin.net/policy/proposals/2003_16.html, 
> but this is quite clearly marked as Abandoned. Under what policy does ARIN 
> conduct this verification, and is it really the best use of their time and 
> resources? I'm having a hard time picturing any value gained from this.

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