[ppml] Path forward on 2006-1

Ray Plzak plzak at arin.net
Mon Apr 24 14:35:31 EDT 2006

> Assuming that all address data may be suppressed, the only argument I
> heard in favor of ARIN continuing to get that data came from the ARIN
> staff.

It was not an argument for or against the policy. The staff comment was that
the information was still required for purpose of verification.

  The slides in the meeting report are still password protected,

The slides are available as READ ONLY PPT or as PDF, both are working just
fine. If you are still having problems reading them please send a note to
webmaster so we can trouble shoot your particular problem.

> but the meeting transcript says:
>  	"The proposal as written could be interpreted -- no longer
>  	provides different country information on the reassignment
>  	template. ARIN must continue to collect this information in
>  	order for forum verification, reassignment information and
>  	utilization. ARIN could not implement the proposal as
>  	written and continue to perform verification of reassignment
>  	information and utilization."

The transcript mangles the discrete points on the slide. For example, I
believe the word "forum" in the transcript is the word "perform" on the

> I'd like to hear more from the staff about that need.  To the extent
> that they need any individual customer data to verify use of an
> address block, I'd like to know why no other metric is sufficient,
> particularly some variant of those metrics already used for blocks
> which aren't SWIP'ed or pool address blocks.

While not necessarily needed for verification of all address ranges, it is
needed. I will not go into a discussion of how often or under which
circumstances it is specifically used, but will say that it is necessary
information needed by staff to perform their work.

> My suspicion, which I'd like staff to confirm, is that some variant on
> the existing metrics will suffice, and they do not need the
> city/state/postal code of individual users.

City/state/postal code of individual users is a part of the metrics that are
used by staff. We will confirm that we do use it.


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