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Thu Apr 20 14:00:02 EDT 2006

ARIN received the following policy proposal. In accordance with the ARIN
Internet Resource Policy Evaluation Process, the proposal is being
posted to the ARIN Public Policy Mailing List (PPML) and being placed on
ARIN's website.

The ARIN Advisory Council (AC) will review this proposal and may decide to:
     1. Accept the proposal as a formal policy proposal as it is presented;
     2. Work with the author to:
         a) clarify the language or intent of the proposal;
         b) divide the proposal into two (2) or more proposals; or
         c) combine the proposal with other proposals; or,
     3. Not accept the proposal as a formal policy proposal.

The AC review will be conducted at their next regularly scheduled meeting.

If the AC accepts the proposal or reaches an agreement with the author,
then the proposal will be posted as a formal policy proposal to PPML and
it will be presented at a Public Policy Meeting. If the AC does not
accept the proposal or can not reach an agreement with the author, then
the AC will notify the community of their decision with an explanation;
at that time the author may elect to use the petition process to advance
their proposal. If the author elects not to petition or the petition
fails, then the proposal will be considered closed.

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Policy Proposal Name: RSA Modification Procedure

Author: Owen DeLong

Proposal Version: 1.0

Proposal type: New

Policy term: Permanent

Policy statement:

Add a section 11. Adminstrative Practices to the NRPM as follows:

11.	Administrative Practices

  11.1	Changes to the Registration Services Agreement

   a) All changes to the registration services agreement shall be posted
to PPML and discussed as any other ARIN policy change.

   b) The BoT shall have the authority to veto any proposed change to
the RSA if doing so at the advice of counsel.

   c) When a change to the RSA is to take effect, ARIN shall post the
new RSA on the ppml and arin-discuss lists as well as any additional
lists ARIN staff feels would be appropriate (such as nanog at the time
of writing) at least 30 days before said change would take effect.


It is currently being discussed on PPML that ARIN has a new policy of
being able to modify the RSA without notice and suggesting that everyone
review the ARIN web site every 30 days to see if it has changed.  This
situation is untenable. The above policy is intended to bring the RSA
into compliance with other ARIN policy-related procedures.

I am proposing a new section 11 to the NRPM because there really isn't
a good place for it to fit in the existing sections. This is by no
means intended to be a complete study of ARIN administrative practices
and I would anticipate that other proposals in the future would
expand and refine section 11.  However, this is intended to create a
place for such issues in the NRPM and to address this specific issue
in that place.

Timetable for implementation: Immediately upon acceptance by the BoT
after last call

Meeting presenter: Owen DeLong

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