[ppml] geo addressing

Tony Li tony.li at tony.li
Wed Nov 23 13:23:30 EST 2005

>> If they are
>> connected via both, then we're gonna have the multihoming
>> argument (again).
> We are also talking about corner cases. No addressing
> plan will solve everyone's business problems. If they
> are multihomed via two cities they can renumber into
> a classic IPv6 allocation. Current ARIN policies also
> have limitations that force people to do things like
> renumbering.

This is hardly a corner case.  There are tons of companies built around
the HQ and remote sales office model.  All of the VPN hype that you've
seen over the last few years is precisely to help these people construct
exactly these networks.

> As long as we keep the classic IPv6 addressing plan there
> is no need for geotop addressing to solve all corner cases.

It would seem to me that you're suggesting that there's no need for
geotop addressing.


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