[ppml] geo addressing

Michael.Dillon at btradianz.com Michael.Dillon at btradianz.com
Wed Nov 23 04:51:36 EST 2005

> What about sites that expand outside the aggregate, want to remain
> within their own aggregate for administrative purposes, but, also
> want local connectivity in their various offices around the world?

There is always a choice of classical IPv6 or geotop addressing.

> Imagine, for example, that a company in the US, within an ARIN
> aggregate starts expanding internationally into Asia, Europe,
> Africa, and Latin America.  Imagine that such company feels that
> their existing /32 is adequate, but, they want to be able to
> announce it (or a fraction of it) from their sites on each
> continent directly.

Well, to start with if the company has a /32 then you are
talking about classic v6 addressing not geotop addressing.
A company that has geotop addresses will only receive an
allocation that is sized according to their needs in one
metro area. If they want to expand to other metro areas,
their allocation will not be big enough. The logical course
of action is to apply for allocations in the other metro 

I can't understand the benefits to a company of having a
single prefix as opposed to half a dozen. It's all inside
their own network anyway.

--Michael Dillon

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