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> Out of these people, many were bright, hard-working, politically
> well-connected in the IPv6 IETF and other communities, and had large
> vendor resources behind them.

Looks to me like this is getting a reasonable hearing.   I don't mean
to suggest that there's consensus, but your argument that "Nobody
listened when I suggested this a long time ago in a galaxy far, far
away," does not indicate that it's not worth hearing now.

PPML is an excellent place to develop a policy proposal.

> The main argument was: even if we don't aggregate geo
> addresses, they are not worse than randomly assign prefixes, 
> so why not
> go to geo addresses and figure out later if we can aggregate 
> them. If we
> can, good; if we can't, oh well nice try no cigar and we're not worse
> off than if we had flat space anyway.

If one could demonstrate a high probability of aggregation, that
would help.

> Trouble is: it does not fly for two reasons:
> 1. Politics: any geo addressing scheme involves tons of political
> horseshit.
> 2. Uncertainty: place yourself in the position of a network
> administrator of a growing company; why risk going to geo 
> addresses not
> knowing if the aggregation mechanism will fit your needs? Way 
> too risky.

There's a window between getting an ISP assignment and an ARIN 
assignment (/29 to /21).  Within that window, I-as-network-admin
would rather have geo<foo>ical provider-independent space than
provider-aggregatable space.  Well, not me personally, since my
network is NATed behind a /28, but I could imagine people thinking
that if they have to renumber at /21 anyway, at least regional PI
addresses would keep them from having to renumber in the meantime.


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