[ppml] geo addressing

Paul Vixie paul at vix.com
Fri Nov 18 10:01:28 EST 2005

michael, there's a disconnect here.  i'm a big fan of metro-government
sponsored L1/L2, like what's been done in palo alto and stockholm and
to some degree philadelphia.  cost per moved bit on the internet should
be cheaper if i can drive or walk to my destination than if it would
take an airplane owned by fedex to get it there for me.

and i do think that a city who compels, through its permit or licensing
process, carriers to interconnect inside the city limits so that traffic
between residents never has to leave the city, will be more competitive.

and under such a regime, the city would very likely have its own address
space, which would be available to residents (businesses and people) on
the same basis that street/road addresses are available.

the presumption here is that if you want to reach someone who's in the
same city, and you're both connected to city ethernet, then either you
can ARP for them (if you're in the same broadcast domain) or you can 
follow your city-default (sort of like your city sewer connection) and
reach them through the city's internal IGP.

in that sense, geo addressing can work.

but in the sense of trying to drive this from the RIR side, it just can't.

without the local government mandating local interconnects, then no IXP
could do this, and no RIR could make any sensible or relevant policy
covering this.  the closest an RIR could come is creating a membership
class for city governments, teaching city governments how to do this kind
of thing, writing white papers about how it can be done and why it's good.

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