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> > What's the transition plan, if these IXs don't exist now?
> > Are these IXs required by law, by policy, or something else?
> > Are they privately-owned monopolies, or publicly-owned
> > monopolies?
> ARIN deals with this problem the same way that it
> deals with BGP prefix filters. When ARIN went from
> a /19 to a /20 as the minimum sized address block
> we did not pass a law requiring ISPs to change the
> prefix filters. We didn't even make a policy requiring
> ISPs to change address filters.
> ARIN enables things like local peering IXes but
> neither mandates them nor manages the process of
> creating them.

Would you propose allocating /x to regional IXen?
Of a certain size, or serving a certain (defined how?)
region?  In addition to or lieu of existing policy?  
IPv4 and/or/xor IPv6?

> -- Michael Dillon


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