[ppml] 2005-1 or its logical successor

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> # True, though if things get too out of hand the bunch at the 
> UN has the
> # regulatory power to encourage conformance.
> um, no.  actually, the UN does not have (and should not have, 
> and will never
> have) that kind of regulatory power.

I agree with "does not" and "should not," but "will never have"
is not clear to me.  

> if the IP community were
> to seek regionalized aggregatability in its block 
> allocations, then "geo" is not what the end users would want.  

Current policy is to allocate on geographic regional 
boundaries.  Each RIR allocates from separate IPv4 /8s and IPv6 
/23s.  The fact that network operators do not aggregate, or 
that operators connect in multiple regions, is beyond the scope 
of ARIN to remedy.


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